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Student and instructor flying in a cessna 172S doing a lesson

How to Become a Commercial Airline Pilot

For thousands of people, being a commercial airline pilot is their life-long dream. They want to soar above the clouds and see interesting places all over the world, all while being paid a high salary for it. However, becoming a commercial airline pilot is no simple feat. It requires dedication, discipline, and hundreds of hours ... Read more

Female student and female instructor doing ground lesson hold model cessna 172 with aircraft cockpit mockups in the background

How to Get a Private Pilot License

A lot of people fantasize about taking to the wide open skies as a pilot. However, just like with driving a car, you’re going to need a license to do that. What you need is called a private pilot license (PPL) and it is the most popular certification in the world of aviation. What Can ... Read more

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